Elainee combines classic sound with original talent

Added by on March 26, 2012

Elainee may have taken a long break from the music industry, but Elainee is definitely back. Her recent hit, Loving Hunk, hit the UK country charts at number three and rapidly moved to number one, where it remains now, making it a great success.

“I was a rising top artist, but was ill many years, so I did not get my chance, but now I am well, my voice is preserved, and so it is like I’m out of the 50’s and back in the world now. Since re-releasing the old classics, more and more people feel they are in the now – but also back in the 50’s – they can hear again fresh all the songs they love,” said Elainee in a recent interview.

Elainee’s most recent work has allowed her to show off her unique voice, that many describe as a female version of Cliff Richard. Eainee has a long history with music – she started singing at the age of 5, and was mentored by a music artist at the age of 17. It helped her develop a tone for music, and she used it to make her own space in the entertainment industry.

“While most of the other stars from back then are gone, I am back to deliver what they cannot. I am back, I am doing it, and I have the voice,” added Elainee.

It may have taken Elainee a long time to get to where she is today, but it’s clear Elainee never lost her love for music, and is certainly ready for a very successful career.

Elainee has a portfolio website and a fan page on Facebook where her fans can reach her, and share thoughts. Her latest single has also been reviewed by a number online music review websites, with received good feedback, and her song is well appreciated.

To find more information about Elainee and to get in touch with her, visit http://www.elainee.tv