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London, UK – Elainee new single Loving Hunk is released and already In the UK country charts at number 3 and expected to reach number 1. The song Loving Hunk by Elainee is rewritten, based on a classic song Living Doll that was written by Lionel Bart, and it was performed by Cliff Richard.

Elainee is a new upcoming music artist who is known for its unique and original voice. Elainee started practice singing at the age of 5, and she was mentored by a music artist at the age of 17. It helped her to develop a tone for music, and she used it to make her own space in the entertainment industry. Elainee has released a new single Loving Hunk in February, 2012. The song was rewritten and inspired by an old classic, and it was written by Lionel Bart and was performed by Cliff Richard, named as Living Doll.

Elainee discoverd her singing skills in her bedroom when she was singing for herself to her sister’s record player. She could sing and act to the song but her illness didn’t allow her to sing, and she stopped singing for few years. Then in 2003, she finally started the career of her dreams, and she is now recording her music. Some people also compare her with top music artists such as Cliff Richard and Lady Gaga because her voice comes from the heart, and she is truly honest with her songs. Elainee has a simple voice, and her songs have simple music yet they are charming and soothing to ears.

Elainee was born in Essex in England and she lives in England fulltime. The song I Love Christmas Day by Elainee was a hit in UK music chart. The song was released by Music Factory. The lyrics of the song were written by Elainee herself and the music was given by WildHorse. The song I Love Christmas Day was the first hit song by Elainee, which earned her recognition in the entertainment industry of UK. She also received a Gold Record for her hit song I Love Christmas Day. The song ranked two on Reverb’s UK Country Chart, and it was released in the month of December, and was available on Amazon and Apple Music Store. Elainee is known for her unique country voice and singing style, and she is ranked a popular country music artist.

The song Loving Hunk sounds bit similar to Living Doll, and Elainee used her unique voice to create a new song that is more charming and soothing to ears. Elainee has also been mentioned by a celebrity artist critic website, and has been well appreciated, and says that she is a rising music artist.

Elainee has a portfolio website and a fan page on Facebook where her fans can reach her, and share thoughts. Her new single has also been reviewed by online music review websites, and she has received good feedbacks, and her song is well appreciated.

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