Elainee single Loving Hunk a rare Elainee classic

Added by on March 15, 2012

London, UK – Elainee’s recently released single, Loving Hunk, has been banned in the US and UK, making it an Elainee classic available on the singer’s website. Loving Hunk hit the UK country charts at number three. Loving Hunk by Elainee is rewritten based on a classic song performed by Cliff Richard called Living Doll.

The song ‘Loving Hunk’ sounds similar to ‘Living Doll’, and Elainee used her unique voice to create a new song that she says is more charming and soothing to listeners. Elainee has also been mentioned by a celebrity artist critic website, has been well appreciated, and says she is a rising music artist.

Elainee is soon releasing the original version of Living Doll which will be available in all major online stores, including Amazon and iTunes; Elainee’s new original version of Living Doll is original to her.

Elainee discovered her singing skills in her bedroom when she was singing for herself to the music on her sister’s record player. In 2003 she started the career of her dreams, and is now recording her music. Some people compare her with top music artists such as Cliff Richard and Lady Gaga because her voice comes from the heart, and she is truly honest with her songs.

Elainee has a portfolio website and a fan page on Facebook where her fans can reach her, and share thoughts. Her single ‘Loving Hunk’ has also been reviewed by online music review websites receiving good feedback.

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