eMedToday website launches with Oxyelite Pro

Added by on December 10, 2011

eMedToday, part of a new series of web sites that will address many health care issues, launched this week. The first health care issue the website addresses is, “Quick Weight Loss with Oxyelity Pro”. The site will be supervised by Graham Player, PhD who holds a Doctoral Degree in Health Science: – http://www.oxyelite-pro.org/

Graham Player PhD is the author of many books and internationally recognized for his work including “Everybody’s Health-Time to Reap the Benefits of East and West” and “Disease and Diagnosis for the Acupuncturist” and “Controlling Your Cholesterol Naturally and Safely”

Oxyelite Pro may be part of the answer to one of the biggest problems facing America today: obesity. In the United States, there has been a disturbing increase in obesity rates among men and women. During the past two decades, the numbers remain alarmingly high. In fact, 12 states currently have prevalence rates that are over 30 percent. Just a few years ago, there was only one state that had reached the 30 percent mark.

Graham Player said, “The country simply cannot ignore the impact that obesity is making on the public’s health and the corresponding healthcare spending. Given this kind of problem, it is not surprising to see a significant rise in demand for over the counter fat burners. Most people are seeking alternative methods to losing weight, since weight loss through increased physical activity and reduced calorie consumption are approaches that many people find too difficult to maintain. Dietary supplements are less time consuming, but the results seem at time disheartening. Most of these supplements can be purchased without a prescription. Sadly, the end result may not be up to your level of satisfaction. With Oxyelite Pro, things may be very much different.”

Player explained, “Nutritionists, medical researches and personal fitness trainers agree that Oxyelite Pro is a sure fire way to helping to strip one’s stubborn belly fat and other problem areas. Through the use of Oxyelite Pro, a person will be able to keep his or her metabolism burning throughout the day. This is because Oxyelite Pro is a thermo genic product, meaning that it works great as a fat burner because of its heat producing ability. This powerful system is outlined at OxyeLite-Pro.org“.

According to the company, eMedToday contains a variety of articles, Q&A’s, on diet and weight loss and videos that include Oxyelite Pro: Getting Fast Results, plus its popular video of the week feature.

Player said eMedToday launched its Oxyelite Pro site and plans to follow with other sites that will cover a variety of health topics including skin problems, heart problems, allergies, Alzheimer, diabetes and cancer.

Player said, “eMedToday will be a trusted authority on weight loss and other areas where people can access useful information.”

Contact: Graham Player
Phone: +1 619-234-5567