eVision Marketing updates local search strategy

Added by on March 13, 2012

Richard Weiler, CEO of eVision Marketing

eVision Marketing says Local businesses should always focus on targeting local rather than trying to get a number one national spot on search engine results pages, if they don’t offer services on a national scale. eVision Marketing adds that the business owner knows exactly what the market is asking at this very moment, while a trained SEO person has a better perspective on how to implement an appropriate strategy.

“Many business leaders know they should be integrating search with their other marketing efforts, yet struggle with developing an appropriate strategy, strategy execution, and results tracking,” said Richard Weiler, CEO of eVision Marketing.

Local searchers are in a more advanced stage within the purchase cycle, which helps to establish a low cost per lead at a high conversion rate. It has been proven many times that local company searchers are ready to purchase; anybody offering an product or service ought to ensure their company is simple for local searchers to find.

A complete local search campaign, says eVision Marketing, entails the alliance of techniques consisting of map listings, pay per click marketing, search engine marketing and social media marketing efforts. Synchronizing, executing and analyzing all of these efforts can be a complicated venture.

“At eVision Marketing, we maintain an active internet marketing staff to help business owners craft and distribute their unique message throughout the internet. We specializE in SEO, social media, video marketing, and website conversion strategies, we are often commissioned by other industry-experts to get the results their internet marketing companies aren’t able to deliver. Our aim is to help you be found and heard by the people looking for your niche services,” added Weiler.

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