Facebook Timeline Covers website launches

Added by on April 26, 2012

Facebook Timeline Covers is pleased to announce the launch of its new website at CoversForTimeline.com.

“The Facebook Timeline is a great feature to keep your friends and others up-to-date about activities and your life events. Facebook introduced Covers for Timeline on the same day everyone’s layout was converted to the timeline layout. The Cover section is an almost screen-width wide at the top of Timeline page. You can add your own banner to that section, making your Timeline unique,” said a spokesperson.

The website cautions Facebook users that Facebook has some rules about what users are not allowed to include on their Cover images. Items not allowed include: contact information, references to Like or Share, price or purchase information, and may not include calls to action, such as “download now”. Clearly, said the spokesperson, Facebook Timeline Covers are intended for personal use.

According to the spokesperson, many Facebook users have tried to create their own Facebook Timeline cover, yet do not know the image’s proper size and elements that are not allowed.

“We take the guesswork out of Facebook Timeline Covers – just visit CoversForTimeline.com, find a Cover you like, save it, and then setup the Cover on your Facebook Timeline. You’ll have peace of mind knowing your Facebook Timeline Cover does not break any of Facebook’s rules,” explained the spokesperson.

Find out more by visiting CoversForTimeline.com