Fading Point – Occupying the ears of the 99 Percent

Added by on November 5, 2011

Fading Point

What started out as a vacation has now become a fulltime gig for these local musicians. Fading Point, a prominent local band from southwestern Arizona, plans to take the nation by storm as the first touring 99% music act. During an interview via webcast, the band said that they were visiting a friend in Salem, Oregon when they heard about the Occupying movement taking form nearby.

Fading Point singer, Mike Fabian said, “We thought it would be a one-time thing. You know, show our support and then go back home. The response we got from the locals was incredible though and changed our minds completely.” Fabian went on to state that although the band had one song dedicated to the movement as a hidden track on the sophomore album, they had to spend the next week rewriting lyrics and music for the Sacramento demonstration.

After taking part in the October 13 protest in Salem, the band drove to Sacramento to take part in the October 21 demonstration. Guitarist Tim Stinson noted, “It worked out because we have family here and both demonstrations thus far have been peaceful.” The display of community and togetherness in Sacramento was the deciding factor in committing to a regional tour to support the movement, Fabian said. Together, the five band members joked that it is going to be a constant struggle to play demonstration music and avoid arrest at the same time. “It’s a volatile situation in the first place and adding loud music doesn’t help,” said Stinson.

The band had originally planned to support Occupy Reno; however, there were difficulties coordinating with the local picketers and the authorities. Fading Point is currently regrouping in their hometown of Sierra Vista, AZ before heading through Texas, Oklahoma and New Mexico. The band has had difficulties coordinating with picketers, but seem optimistic as planning by the 99 Percent in the various cities becomes more organized. Fabian commented, “We will keep doing what we feel is right and providing support to those at the demonstrations. The grass-roots, community aspect is what we love and I think it prevents people from getting too riled up and getting arrested.”

More information is available at Fading Point.