Find the missing piece with RecordClick custom research

Added by on February 5, 2012

With the launch of boutique research company RecordClick, answers to questions about family history are just a click away, with specialized research packages, multiple researchers per project and immediate delivery of results to clients through a proprietary project management system.

Founder and chief executive officer Elizabeth Khan utilizes her broad international business experience, and network of genealogy and related records connections, to provide clients with top-tier research help in affordable small packages not offered by other leading genealogy research companies.

RecordClick’s strategic approach to research projects includes drawing on the skills of up to three different research professionals. The company’s proprietary project management system allows clients a direct role in how the project unfolds, as they’re able to immediately access new records and reports, interacting with the researcher shepherding the project.

Khan believes everyone should be able to reconnect with their roots and so RecordClick offers a range of services, from straightforward document look-ups when a family member’s name and years of birth and death are known to in-depth multi-generational explorations of branches on someone’s family tree.

RecordClick is the only company among leading genealogy firms to offer services in time-blocks as small as two hours.

“Our team of experienced and compassionate and professional researchers handles each case with the care and dignity your family members deserve,” says Khan. “We can help find family members, identify family migration patterns to illuminate health concerns common to certain ethnic groups, locate deeds, and more.”

Khan encourages people to contact RecordClick by phone in the U.S. at 1-866-632-9291 or email at for a free consultation. “Talk to us, and let us help you set your mind at rest, whether it’s to learn if your family heritage is Eastern European and what blood diseases may be more prevalent in that community, or perhaps learn if your great-grandfather really died while fighting in the army and didn’t desert the family like you’d always heard, or maybe find out what happened to your great-grandparents that caused your grandmother to grow up in an orphanage .”

Record Click was established in 2011 by Elizabeth Khan to meet the growing need for genealogical records retrieval and research projects in smaller and more affordable time blocks, making genealogical research more accessible and affordable for everyone.