Franchises increase conversions by leveraging existing website traffic

Added by on March 21, 2012

Ford Saeks, Internet Marketing Speaker

Ford Saeks, a well-known internet marketing speaker, says franchises that focus their marketing efforts on traffic already coming to their websites have experienced significant improvements in converting casual website visitors to leads or potential leads, resulting in increased profitability through better sales.

“Franchises have a great opportunity to use local search, social media, and mobile apps in conjunction with the traffic their websites get today to reinforce their brand’s message and nurture loyal fans. Instead of focusing on generating new traffic, focus on maximizing profitability by improving your brand’s find-ability and making it easy for clients and prospects to engage with your brand,” said Saeks.

According to Saeks, who is often called upon to deliver business keynote and other talks, commented that franchises should not overlook the basics, like making it easy for visitors to find a franchise’s place of business using the franchise’s store locator or services like Google Places and facebook. Saeks suggests a store locator should be integrated into a franchisee’s website and be able to work on mobile devices like smart phones and tablets, plus work on visitors’ computers.

“Your website is your franchise’s and brand’s social proof of presence in the marketplace, plus reinforces its credibility in providing products and services that local consumers want to buy,” added Saeks.

Ford Saeks is among the top business growth speakers and franchise speakers. As an internet marketing speaker, Saeks often delivers talks like business keynote and specialized sessions on topics that include internet marketing, social media marketing, long-term sales force success strategies.

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