announces Facebook web TV app – allowing users to watch TV directly within Facebook

Added by on December 10, 2011 has developed a system to allow Facebook users to watch web-based television while continuing their social media activities. Today, the company proudly rolls out the new system. As of today, Facebook users will have the ability to watch a myriad of web-based television channels from directly within Facebook.

The new system allows users to continue their social media activities while simultaneously enjoying their favourite TV/Cable shows, movies, events, concerts and radio, at no cost.

According to the company, currently dominates the web as the leading provider of web-based television, offering an intuitive personal channel guide to consumers. The company says the system is supported by an expansive video search engine, which locates and categorizes around 1.5 million new videos each day.’s CEO, William Mobley, explains, “As soon as a user finds something they want to watch, they simply click their mouse and get taken directly to the content provider’s website.”

Mobley continues, “The benefits out system brings to both the content providers and Facebook include – both the content providers and Facebook benefit from eyeballs being directed to their content, resulting in more time online and thus increased advertising revenue. There are also benefits to others, including college alumni, ethnic/country specific or ex-pat’s, numerous like-minded special interest groups and politicians now able to distribute messages, video clips, promotional materials, etc. via instant Facebook alerts to their ‘Likes’ and the ‘Share’ methods, creating mass viral distribution to their followers from their own video channels”.

FreeCast’s content originates from numerous sources around the world, such as TV & cable networks, YouTube, Vimeo, movie channels and radio stations – all major content distributers. With so much content available, users have the ability to get alerts when new content that may interest them becomes available.

The service is free to the end-user. Mobley explains how his company hopes to get revenue:

“Essentially, we’ll be offering display advertising opportunities to interested parties. These could include, an on-channel advertisement by the many special interest or local groups who will create many new channels, or something located within our menu and channel guide system. The options really are endless and there are great benefits to come for those who choose to partner with us,” he concludes.

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About William Mobley

Mobley launched in 1999, which quickly grew to serving over 800,000+ streaming videos per day, while also partnering with several major studios’ content when the average modem speed was 56k-128K. All of this took place at a point in time when Yahoo was averaging 2M visitors per day, in comparison.

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