Fully interactive Beer social network launches

Added by on April 1, 2012

Beerducate.com is pleased to announce the launch of its fully interactive social network.

“The idea of a beer social network has been taken to a new level and is exciting in many ways. While relaxing at home, you can now interact with fellow brew lovers as if they were there with you,” said a spokesperson.

According to Beerducate.com, the site features both forum chat, video chat , plus a built-in messaging system, so that drinking alone never has to be lonely again.

“First, imagine for a moment that you are relaxing at home having a few beers. You decide to go on Facebook and mingle with friends. The time flies by as fast as the number of beers you’ve had. When you wake up, you get that feeling as if you might have done something bad. Did you contact an ex? Did you profess your love to that Facebook crush you have? Did you post that embarrassing photo that you swore you keep hidden until death? Well, the Beerducate social site takes that scenario and keeps you safe. When hanging online with fellow drinkers, it’s not a bad thing to profess your beer fuelled love to another. Actually it’s encouraged. Go ahead and post that picture. These people are complete strangers and will more than likely post ones of themselves that are even funnier,” explained the spokesperson.

The spokesperson added, “Secondly, there are times you will want to be social when having a few, but driving to the local hangout might be unrealistic. For those cases Beerducate takes the beer social network to another level. Not only do we offer a forum to discuss hot topics, but we have live chat, video chat and a built-in messaging system. Drinking alone never has to be lonely again. You can post status updates and check in on a map with where you’re at and say what you’re drinking”

A visitor to the website commented, “Beerducates beer social network is a place to meet new drinking buddies and enjoy the bar conversations we all love, without having to leave the house. You can have a drink face to face with people who are all brought to the site for the same purpose. For the love of beer!”

For more information visit http://www.Beerducate.com