Gevey Ultra S unlocks the iPhone 4s

Added by on April 7, 2012

New York, NY, USA – The new Gevey Ultra S allows iPhone users to be able to use any sim card and any carrier for service with their iPhone 4S.

“If you’ve ever wanted to unlock the codes from an iPhone but didnít want to pay the service for having to do so, then we have the perfect solution,” said Peter Smit.

Since the release of the revolutionary iPhone in 2007, Smit and his team at Gevey have been unlocking access codes on iPhones. With this latest version, the Gevey Ultra S, users can unlock sim codes on any iPhone 4S on iOS version 5.0 , 5.01 and now iOS version 5.1

Smit states, “After a long search and many tests, we have finally found an unlock solution that works for the iPhone 4S on the latest software, IOS 5.1, and the best thing is, it works perfectly.” He also stated that the Gevey Ultra S sim will unlock any iPhone 4S, even the latest baseband is supported as well was IOS versions 5.0 , IOS 5.0.1 and iOS 5.1

Sim unlocks are a popular product, because iPhones are often sold on non-service provider web sites and the buyer wants to have the phone activated with their service. Another reason is that cell phone users will often switch service providers before their contract expires and they don’t wish to purchase another phone. This is where a sim unlock device is very useful because it eliminates the need for an iPhone user having to purchase new equipment. By using a sim unlock, they can activate their phone for new service with no extra fees necessary.

With a selling price of $49.95, the Gevey Ultra S Sim unlock is quite affordable and the company guarantees it will unlock any iPhone. This new product is something iPhone 4S users will definitely be interested in.

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