Grayson Gill Interiors offers eDesign Services

Added by on October 12, 2011

Grayson Gill Interiors

Grayson Gill Interiors proudly announces its new eDesign Services – a new forefront in Atlanta interior design services that makes it easier and faster for clients anywhere in the word to connect with Grayson Gill Interior designers.

Located in Atlanta, GA Grayson Gill Interiors bases its eDesign services on its popular in-home services. In-home services are based on a full room and provide a turn-key solution. Designs include color selection, accessories, area rugs, lighting fixtures, window treatments, fine art and more. Grayson Gill Interiors also provides detailed shopping lists and order details to help you build out your new design. Grayson Gill Interiors will even schedule contractors for bids, providing a complete solution for all your design needs.

Grayson Gill Interiors eDesign Services are tailored to meet your design needs and include opinions, designs ideas, or even help find design resources. Starting at just $40, eDesign Services meet your immediate needs and go well beyond.

Grayson Gill Interiors eDesign Services range from furniture design at just $50, to space planning and drafting at $100, to a full room design for just $250. All packages include a DIY (do-it-yourself) manual on how to complete the work from start to finish. We’ll even schedule contractors for bids, no matter where you’re located.

Grayson Gill Interiors provides professional and creative design solutions with in-home and eDesign services at competitive rates. Using the latest in technology and design solutions, Grayson Gill Interiors is committed to transforming your spaces into a unique and creative environment that suits your design and budget.