Green energy company Interect applies for accreditation

Added by on March 3, 2012

Toronto, Ontario – Green energy company, Interect Inc., has made another step along the road of sustainability; its training division, the Interect Solar Education Program – ISEP – has applied for accreditation.

While doing EPC, wholesale work and solar system installations, Interect Inc. has always provided training as a part of its services. Since its beginnings in the solar industry in 2008, Interect has held workshops, such as Site Assessment Training, for the general public. As the need for more education in the green energy field increased, Interect developed more workshops and created them under the training umbrella, called ISEP.

ISEP training now includes Basic Fall Protection Certification, as well as 3 Day Introduction To Solar PV Workshops, along with their Site Assessment Training. Many people, from green minded students to solar installers, have taken ISEP courses to further their knowledge in renewable energy and the solar industry.

Providing relevant and accurate information to their students has always been at the forefront of ISEP training. This is a core value at the heart of the organization. To further this commitment, ISEP is proud to apply for third party certification from the Interstate Renewable Energy Council, IREC, as a continuing education provider. With this accreditation, it means that the same great programs and courses currently offered by ISEP will now have the stamp of approval by a recognized certifying organization. This will help enforce the quality and support the integrity ISEP students have come to know and expect from their training programs.

About Interect Inc.

Interect Inc. is a wholesale distributor of solar systems and provides solutions for on- and off-grid applications. They are an emerging leader in the renewable energy industry. INTERECT Inc is one of the most competitively priced renewable energy companies in Canada. INTERECT Inc offers a broad range of products and solutions for solar PV, grid connected and off grid applications that generate electric power for private homes and businesses worldwide. solar panels