Hawaii Search Engine Optimization integrates mobile marketing

Added by on March 13, 2012

Hawaii Search Engine Optimization is pleased to announce the addition of mobile marketing services to their comprehensive suite of online marketing capabilities. The explosion of the use of smartphones and tablets has caught the attention of many businesses and caused them to reevaluate their use of mobile marketing as part of their overall search marketing efforts.

“During December 2011 64 million US smartphone users and 48 million European Union smartphone users accessed blogs or social networking sites at least once, according to comScore. These number of users in a single month presents a reach and demographic few companies can ignore,” said a spokesperson.

According to Hawaii Search Engine Optimization a mobile marketing campaign offers a number of benefits that are not readily available to traditional marketing campaigns. The benefits of mobile marketing include reach in terms of the number of increasing smartphone and tablet users, one-to-one interaction, compliments other marketing channels, and surfaces data to help measure overall return on investment.

“Mobile marketing provides insights into your target market that are simply not available with a traditional online marketing campaign. Location information is one of the major data points that can have a significant impact on optimizing for local search – smartphone and tablet users can search for businesses located close to their present location in real-time,” added the spokesperson.

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