Hawaii Search Engine Optimization proudly announces traffic, sales increase for clients

Added by on February 28, 2012

Hawaii Search Engine Optimization, a leading search engine optimization firm is pleased to announce online traffic results from clients serviced in 2011.

Search Engine Optimization has become more prominent as one of the most efficient forms of online marketing. Many companies have leveraged Hawaii SEO techniques to bolster their online presence – with the traffic and website visitors generated through being in the top positions of searches in search engines like Google, Bing and Yahoo, companies are able to potentially save millions of dollars in online paid marketing costs.

One Hawaii Search Engine Optimization client, Dan Rogers, saw a 125% increase in high-quality website visitors to his company’s website after reaching the number one spot in the search results for his company’s brand. Hawaii SEO selected branded and localized keywords, which the client used, and saw an astounding growth in website visitors – the company’s conversion increased too.

Hawaii Search Engine Optimization was contacted by an IT services firm in 2011. The IT company’s focus was on servicing its clients, so they had little time for any SEO on their website. Another Hawaii SEO firm suggested the IT company buy paid ads for thousands of dollars per month to acquire new visitors to their website, yet company knew there had to be a better way. On analyzing the IT company’s website Hawaii Search Engine Optimization selected a narrow range of branded and localized keywords, and implemented a number of best practices on the company’s web site. The IT company’s website traffic increased by over 300%, as compared to the average traffic the website received before Hawaii Search Engine Optimization completed their work and the company’s position in search engine results pages increased to placement within the top three results.

Hawaii Search Engine Optimization offers years of experience in Hawaii SEO.

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