announces Hermes Dropship service

Added by on April 21, 2012, a respected Hermes replica manufacturer, is pleased to announce its new Hermes dropship service.

“Our Hermes dropship service delivers quality replica Hermes bags and other items directly to your customers – we handle all aspects of the order. Hermes Sales is constantly seeking to evolve and improve. It is this commitment to innovation that led us, three years ago, to become proud partners of one of the most respected Hermes replica manufacturers in the business. Since then, we have been supplying replica Hermes bags to numerous boutiques, both online and offline, as well as to individual retail customers,” said a spokesperson.

The company says it has been selling quality fashion accessories for almost a decade. According to the company, its industry experience, combined with dedication to top-notch customer service has made them a favorite with both retail wholesale customers around the world.

“We strive for transparency in all our business interactions with our customers. For that reason, please note that the use of the terms ‘original’ and ‘genuine’ are not intended to suggest that our products are produced by Hermes. All of our products are high quality replicas. Our use of these terms is intended to refer to our manufacturing process, through which we attempt to exactly and painstakingly replicate every feature of the Hermes bags upon which our products are based,” added the spokesperson.

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