Impact Roofing and Building launches redesigned website

Added by on March 25, 2012

Impact Roofing and Building, London roofer, is pleased to announce the launch of its redesigned website.

“We provide a high standard of roofing installations, repairs, and maintenance for residential or commercial properties within the M25 area. Our team of professionals is best at what they do when it comes to tile, flat-roofing, or slate and lead works. We plan, quote, fix, and construct your roof quickly but with best results at reasonable rates. Our clients can rely on our quick response when it comes to complete re-roofing solutions, refurbishment, and emergency repairs,” said a spokesperson.

A home’s roof is possibly one of the hardest working parts of a home, yet since it’s rare for something to go wrong with a roof, it’s easy to forget about it. Other than the obvious fact that a roof protects a home from sun and rain, it also plays a key role in keeping homes cooler when running an air conditioner.

“Hail, wind, and other storm damage is hard to spot from the ground. Many people only realize that there’s a problem with their roof when it leaks inside the home. By the time water reaches all the way down through the roof, and then your ceiling, and finally drips to your floor, there is already a lot of damage. Fixing problems before they become bigger problems goes a long way to help save money, and possibly save your house,” added the spokesperson.

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