In-house internet marketing ineffective: Search Engine Consulting

Added by on April 24, 2012


Donald D. Dolenec, CEO Search Engine Consulting

Donald D. Dolenec, CEO Search Engine Consulting

Search Engine Consulting, a provider of local search marketing services, says many organizations base their internet marketing on simple, in-house strategies that are not proven, not measurable and, as a result, ineffective.

“A lot of organizations are misguided into believing that a web site is enough to attract thousands of visitors to provide a source of new business from online consumers. With consumers’ perception shifting how can you distinguish your brand, products and services from other companies’ offerings? Moreover, without measurable results, your organization cannot determine whether its local search marketing efforts are effective and providing a return”, said Donald D. Dolenec, CEO Search Engine Consulting.

Search Engine Consulting says it provides a complete framework built on proven strategies that keep pace with the velocity of change in internet-based marketing. Search Engine Consulting local search marketing services’ campaign builds consumer trust in organizations’ brands and offerings during the awareness step in potential clients’ buying cycle and continues through to after sales support and follow-up, creating a relationship built on trust rather than a single transaction.

“With the volumes of fast and free information available online, having your products or services, or even just your brand be a part of the information a consumer uses to make a purchase decision offers a variety of opportunities to market your brand long before consumers even think of contacting your company,” added Dolenec.

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