Julie Austin kicks off HR Leadership and Strategy conference

Added by on November 16, 2011

Creativity and innovation expert, Julie Austin, will be kicking off the Northern California Human Resources Association’s HR Leadership and Strategy Conference this Thursday. Her topic is “Driving Innovation and Competitive Advantage” and she will explain why companies need both innovation and creativity to stay on top.

Austin said, “With all of the choices we have today, how can your business stand out in the crowd? With constant, fearless creativity and innovation”.

Austin continues, “History is full of examples of companies that failed to innovate, like MySpace, and dropped off the map. Just because you’re number one now, doesn’t mean you will automatically stay there”.

According to Austin, as the field becomes saturated with competition, businesses have to learn a different type of thinking to survive. Creative thinking will become the most valuable trait to have in the future. People who are problem solvers, understand pattern recognition, and are able to generate innovative ideas will be in demand. Most people don’t think this way naturally, said Austin.

Creative Innovation is a woman owned business that teaches half and whole day seminars called “Creativity & Innovation on Demand”. Julie Austin is an inventor, innovation speaker and multiple business owner. She is said to be one of few women innovation speakers that has actually innovated.


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