Kahlo exhibition to feature nude models

Added by on August 9, 2012

Model similar to those that will be featured in Australia’s Kahlo exhibition

The Itinerant Museum of Art (ItiMa), billed as a Swiss “museum for the 21st century” devoted to taking art off the walls and into the public domain, is calling on women in Perth, Sydney, and Melbourne Australia to roam around adorned only in body-art inspired by the late Mexican painter Frida Kaholo.

“This will definitely be a great adventure in the name of Frida Kahlo,” said Fernando Morales-de la Cruz, director of ItiMa.

“It will be a wonderful, huge surprise,” he said. “When people are walking down the street and see a walking, living breathing work of art, they are very happily surprised.”

According to Morales-de la Cruz similar events had been organised across Europe in tribute to Kahlo, Picasso, Miro, Van Gogh and Matisse.

“This is not nudity anyway. People are coated and painted,” added Morales-de la Cruz.

Frida Kahlo (1907-54) was a champion of equal rights, public art and freedom of expression, and, according to Morales-de la Cruz , would have approved of this project to democratise access to art and culture.

Previous projects include men and women as subjects yet the Kahlo instalment would be women-only in homage to artist’s uncompromising portrayals of the female experience and form, Mr Morales-de la Cruz said.

Women interested in taking part are asked to send an email to frida.au@itima.org