Kimberly Jessy former Navy veteran stationed on the Tail-hook Navy Command becomes Mrs. USA Petite California

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Kimberly Jessy

‘Kimberly Jessy” aka ”Kimberly Bowles” aka Kimberly Bowles is a United States Veteran who served in the Navy and was one of three women that came forward to testify on the ”Tail-hook Command” about Sexual Harassment from commanders on duty. (The ”Tail-hook Command” In Point Mugu, Ca in 1996.)

Her experience with the Navy has led her to philanthropic efforts and powerful campaigns to stop sexual violence against women and little girls, and she is committed to fighting against Sex Slavery and trafficking of children. Kimberly Jessy recently joined with Tara Reid, Michael Lohan (Lindsay Lohans dad) and a host of other celebs to make a stand and fight against Child Trafficking.

Kimberly runs a successful Marketing Boutique & Magazine . The United States Navy Veteran and former High School teacher is also a Psycho-therapist. Kimberly decided to retire early from “traditional work” after her son graduated from High School. She chose to go after her lifelong dream of being in the Entertainment industry.

As a Hollywood Reporter Kimberly has interviewed some of the biggest names in the world, including stars from the cast of Twilight, Zoe Saldana, Eric Roberts, Kristy Swanson, Corey Feldman, Billy Bob Thornton, Leeza Gibbons, Tara Reid and more. ”Kimberly Jessy” aka ”Kimberly Bowles” has already had a full life of experience.

Kimberly Bowles joined The USA Petite Organization and won ”Mrs. USA Petite California”. The USA Petite Pageant was created specifically for women heights 5’5 or less. The Focus of The USA Petite Pageant is to appreciate the beauty in Petite Women in America. The women that are chosen are poised, graceful and understand that height has no limitation on their dreams. The women are offered opportunities and special recognition for their participation. Kimberly Jessy joined the pageant to show young women that no matter how old they are or how they appear, they are, and can be anything while accomplishing anything they dream, without limitation.

Kimberly Jessy is centered in a great place and building on dreams where her rewards come from her commitment to help others.

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