Learn English with an online tutor through FindEnglishTutor.com

Added by on February 27, 2012

FindEnglishTutor.com, a service that matches those that want to learn English with an English tutor, or English teacher, is pleased to announce that many more English tutors are now available.

“The numbers of people that want to learn English is growing all the time, and we had trouble keeping up with demand. However a large number of English teachers and English tutors recently signed-up with us, so we are pleased to announce that we’re now able to meet demand,” said a company spokesperson.

FindEnglishTutor.com says their process is simple: students or parents search for local tutors or can search for a tutor that provides services online; then provide some basic contact information so that the tutor can get in contact.

Tutors, says FindEnglishTutor.com, can create their own personalized tutor profile which becomes available to students or parents searching for a tutor. Tutors can elect to use a regular listing or featured listing to attract more attention.

In their personalized profile, tutors describe their level of education, tutoring experience, tutoring style, hours of availability, hourly rates, and desired tutoring commitment levels.

“Many learn English online since timings are flexible and the student can work with the tutor wherever they have access to a computer – this feature alone can help students get more comfortable with using a tutor, and allows students to work with a tutor from home, without ever having to leave their home or invite a stranger into their home,” explained a company spokesperson.

Find out more by visiting the company’s website at http://www.FindEnglishTutor.com