Lighting Techniks offers affordable LED bulbs to help save Money & go green

Added by on April 7, 2012

LED lamps are really coming of age, at prices ranging from US$15 to US$50, Lighting Techniks announces it has brought LED lighting to the masses.

Using from 3-16 watts, the Lighting Techniks PAR and MR-Series produce the equivalent light and color of a 45-75 watt light bulb. In a typical home environment, it will last 35 years, and theyíre dimmable to boot. LED bulbs are manufactured without mercury, unlike energy saving CFL light bulbs. Go green today by trying LED light bulbs for your home.

“Most clients see their return in less than a year-and-a-half if they are converting from a regular halogen or incandescent light bulb, after that, itís money in the bank,” says Managing Partner and President, Johnson Jeng. “During the summer it also keeps AC costs down as it doesnít generate heat like conventional bulbs.”

The PAR and MR Series are available online at and coming soon to local homebuilders soon. Products ship and include a 30 day unconditional moneyback guarantee ñ If the product is not the right color or brightness, simply return it for a full refund.

A great example of how much you can save is by the following example:

If you currently are paying $0.15/kwh for electricity cost and you currently have a 60W light bulb and it is on for 8 hours a day, it would cost you approximately $26 a year to operate. a 23 Watt CFL (compact fluorescent light)bulb would cost about $10 to operate a year. By switching over to a Lighting Techniks LED light bulb which runs 7 watts, you would save over 20 dollars a year from one bulb if you came from an incandescent 60 Watt bulb. Take that and multiply by the number of bulbs you are switching out. How’s that for extra money in your pocket?

About Lighting Techniks:

Lighting Techniks is a leading manufacturer of moderately priced LED lights. Known for the MR and PAR-Series, with warm-temperature LED light priced affordably. With long-range technology demo installations at Harumi Sushi in Cupertino, CA, and a new online store at: , Lighting Techniks is poised to dominate the consumer LED marketplace with agreements with major home improvement retailers.

They are active in the nonprofit community, supporting EHC LifeBuilders and other green initiatives, and all products are CE and RoHS certified.