Local Search Marketing Services too important to overlook

Added by on March 18, 2012

Search Marketing Local, a service provider of local search marketing services, said local search marketing is too important to overlook. With more than 64 million US smartphone users accessing the internet in one month – December 2011 – local search offers, according to Search Marketing Local, a range of marketing opportunities.

Local search marketing services focus only on getting your business online, and reachable via local search. Local search is important since studies have shown 85% of people searching locally are ready to buy, making local search a valuable addition to your company’s marketing efforts. In fact, local search marketing services compliment print, radio, and television marketing by reinforcing your company’s message,” said a spokesperson.

Search Marketing Local has been providing local search marketing services for a number of years, said the spokesperson. Search Marketing Local advises small businesses about getting online using free services offered by companies like Google, or how to compliment their company’s existing website with listings in Google Places and similar services.

For more information visit the company’s website at http://SearchMarketingLocal.net