LocalBlox founder sends the firm’s support and positive thoughts to victims of terrible devastation in tornado ravaged area

Added by on March 9, 2012

Seattle, WA – Homes gone, businesses erased and shattered lives is the legacy left by the deadly tornadoes that swept across the southern part of the U.S. Sabira Arefin, founder and CEO of LocalBlox, wants all the people affected by the deadly twisters to remember that staying safe is of primary importance.

“LocalBlox.com, your online neighborhood networking page, sends support and positive thoughts to all of those affected by the terrible devastation,” said Arefin. “Staying safe is important and LocalBlox can be a very useful resource to communicate with one’s neighbors and neighborhood.”

In the aftermath of a tornado, harm can come from a variety of sources and people can quickly find themselves in danger without realizing it. Downed power lines, severed propane and natural gas lines, and falling trees and branches are all hazards of which individuals should be aware. Inadequate sanitation along with debris, unstable structures and a lack of appropriate clothing can all result in serious injury and illness.

LocalBlox users can utilize the site’s vast resources to contact neighbors, provide warnings and updates, and direct assistance to those in particular need. Tornados accompany storms and often dump significant amounts of rain that can lead to flooding and contaminated water. Unseasonably warm conditions spawned the tornados, but those temperatures quickly fell again, leaving many with no warm clothing or shelter.

Users of LocalBlox can assist their neighbors by establishing distribution points for clothing, food and water. As clean-up efforts begin, LocalBlox users can organize and coordinate neighborhood groups to help each other in their time of need. The site provides a forum for neighborhood discussion, assistance and support, and sometimes just knowing there are others that care can make a very real difference for those coping with the ravages of a natural disaster.

The outbreak of tornados in the Ohio Valley region and throughout the south was the second deadliest on record for the month of March in 60 years. LocalBlox offers a range of services that can be utilized by those in the affected area to provide aid and assistance to those who have lost so much.

“The nation is supporting all of you with thoughts and prayers, and stands ready to assist,” said Arefin. “Stay safe and connected with each other, and with the rest of us. Let us know how we can help.”
For more information, visit the website at http://www.localblox.com.

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