Many homes under-insured: Homeowners Insurance Quotes study

Added by on March 16, 2012

A Homeowners Insurance Quotes poll revealed more than half of respondents have not reviewed their home insurance policy in more than two years.

“Many people realize too late that their homeowners’ insurance policy does not adequately cover costs of replacement or damage. While housing prices may be lower today, as compared to when many bought their homes, replacement and repair costs have actually increased. If you have not reviewed your homeowners insurance policy, there’s a good chance you are under-insured,” said a spokesperson.

Costs like demolition, hauling, and living expenses when replacing a home, or when performing major repairs as a result of damage, significantly increase the coverage most homes require. A Homeowners Insurance Quotes study found factors like major renovations, purchases of things like boats, and acquiring and keeping jewelry and other valuables in homes push the value of insured items beyond most homeowners insurance policies coverage.

Homeowners Insurance Quotes makes it easy to shop-around for the best price and coverage. You can reduce the price of coverage without sacrificing insurance policy coverage by improving your home’s safety, increasing deductibles where possible, bundle homeowners insurance coverage with other types of insurance offered by the same provider, and of course, by shopping around,” added the spokesperson.

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