Marketing your business on the mobile web

Added by on November 3, 2011

Marketing Your Business On The Mobile Web

Thomas Neville, owner of, announces the release of ‘Marketing Your Business On The Mobile Web’ just in time to help business owners ride the ‘mobile tsunami’ wave.

Neville says the ‘mobile tsunami’ sweeps the marketplace and changes the way people do business. Neville asks, “Are you ready or will you miss your customer because you are ‘stuck’ in the days of yellow page ads?”

For small business owners that believe they have missed out, Neville says they haven’t missed out. He recommends that businesses take this time to position themselves where their customers are and utilize the methods their customers use to locate a business.

Neville states, “As traditional advertising becomes diluted, less effective yet more expensive, the mobile web brings a new and refreshing solution for the small business owner to compete with larger corporations”.

‘Marketing Your Business on the Web’ gives the reader the Who, What, Where, When and Why a business needs to be on the web. Neville explains the ‘why’ of internet marketing and just how much people rely on the internet for searches, reviews and even local businesses. According to Neville, customers are not necessarily looking to the larger companies to fulfill their needs but instead are seeking out a local business to fill the need, presenting a significant opportunity for local businesses to reach their potential clients in a variety of mobile methods.

Neville’s course takes the reader from the ‘why’ of internet marketing to providing details on how to connect with customers and managing their brand. If a business is not aware of the best method to connect with their customers it surely will not last long. With ‘Marketing Your Business on the Web’, Neville seeks to level the business playing field for the small business owner and provide them with valuable guidance they might not otherwise receive.

‘Marketing Your Business on the Web’ is available on and Kindle.

About Thomas Neville

Thomas is a husband and a father to four children and four grandchildren. He lives in Rochester, New York in the community he serves. His passion for marketing and business lead him to apply his 20+ years of corporate knowledge and training to businesses struggling in a tough economy. If you are interested in interviewing Mr. Neville, contact him at 585-301-5939.