Matthew Najar: No show; Cyrus wins again

Added by on May 4, 2012

Australian singer Matthew Najar came from down-under to win several categories in California’s esteemed Young Talent Award’s 2012 ceremony in Los Angeles last month, without actually coming from down-under.

The Australian-born star was a no-show at the event which attended by high-profile entertainment industry executives and celebrity guests such as Justin Timberlake and Miley Cyrus. Najar took out ‘Best Live Performance’, ‘Best Live Vocal’, ‘Best Single Release’, ‘Best Dance Choreography’, ‘Best Music Composition’, ‘Best Lyricist’ and ‘Best New Male Talent of 2011’ at the awards last Saturday night. As Najar was not at attendance his label representative, Simon Howard, collected the awards, looking smug throughout his clearly improvised acceptance speeches. Najar was nominated for eight categories and managed to swindle almost all of them.

On the other side Miley Cyrus won ‘Best Female Vocalist’ and ‘Most Inspiring New Artist’ before leaving the awards early to attend a private function at downtown LA’s Viper Room nightclub, formally owned by actor Johnny Depp. Cyrus is no stranger to the Young Talent awards having won four awards in the Young Female category since her music career began in 2007.

Words of inspiration and advice came from British rapper Taio Cruz, proclaiming “It’s easy to get famous. You need to know how to develop as an artist and keep (them) interested or it will not last. Keep pushing the envelope”. Cruz made an appearance via Skype and did not attend the award ceremony.

It was reported earlier this year that the Young Talent awards would not be held in 2013 due to funding issues with two key labels and dubious televised coverage continuing into the next year. It can now be confirmed that the awards will run in 2013 although key entertainment label sponsors have yet to be officially identified, putting doubt on if the award ceremony would be televised next year. The 2012 ceremony was televised on Network Cable USA.

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