MindMaster life transforming software available for PC and Mac

Added by on March 21, 2012

MindMaster, an app that helps people transform their lives by achieving their dreams and goals, is now available for PCs running Windows and available on Apple Mac computers.

Using subliminal messages, MindMaster works by transforming the part of the brain everyone has, yet is barely aware of – the subconscious. The subconscious mind is considered by many experts have a significant influence on peoples’ day-to-day lives, because it is a very powerful part of everyone’s mind.

“Have you ever given up on solving a problem, only to come up with a solution later on – even though you weren’t thinking about the problem? That’s an example of the power of your subconscious mind at work. Your subconscious mind indirectly influences your life in very subtle ways – its often what gives you confidence, or is the cause of a lack of confidence, helps solve problems as in the example, and is present in every part of our lives, even when we are asleep or thinking about something else. Subliminal messages provided by MindMaster influence your subconscious mind in a positive, life changing way,” said the creator of the MindMaster app.

MindMaster uses subliminal message technology to rewire the mind through affirmations. An example of an affirmation is, “Everything is getting better every day” – repeated often enough, peoples’ minds unconsciously make subtle changes in thinking and actions to achieve that goal. MindMaster displays subliminal messages on a user’s computer screen while they work or play.

MindMaster flashes each affirmation message very briefly – so quickly that almost all users don’t even see it – and that’s the point. MindMaster flashes subliminal messages users have previously setup, as they work on their computer – silently transforming their lives.

“MindMaster helps people achieve goals they never thought were possible,” said a spokesperson.

Find out more about MindMaster by visiting http://www.MindMaster.tv