Mister Headhunter announces innovative rate structure

Added by on March 3, 2012

Mister Headhunter is pleased to announce its innovative, new rate structure for companies that seek qualified professionals for their vacancies.

While many placement agencies charge an expensive retainer and high flat fee, Mister Headhunter charges only 10% of the candidate’s first year salary package, and only charges for services rendered, not services promised.

“Placement agencies often charge a retainer fee in addition to fees for placing candidates, so your company pays regardless of whether a traditional placement agency places a candidate. Mister Headhunter changes the fee structure so that your company only pays when we place a candidate, plus our fee is very competitive,” explained Robert Reyes, an Executive Search Consultant at Mister Headhunter.

Mister Headhunter places candidates in organizations around the world, said Reyes. Mister Headhunter offers a money back guarantee, plus it uses a unique approach by targeting non-active job hunters and companies’ competitors’ laid off job seekers.

“Mister Headhunter’s Executive Search service also provides weekly reports on all active assignments to give you visibility into how far we are in the process, which candidates have been reached, average salary expectation and much more,” added Reyes.

Find out more by visiting the company’s website at http://www.MisterHeadhunter.com