Mold dangerous to many: Toronto mold removal contractor

Added by on May 4, 2012

Toronto, On, Canada – A Toronto mold removal contractor reminds residents mold can be harmful to people that have lung diseases, impaired breathing, and very young children.

“Mold is only visible after it has spread a great deal and has already caused a lot of damage. Mold reproduces by sending spores into the air – the spores get transported by the movement of air into other parts of your home. Mold spores cause lung irritation and a range of other problems in many healthy people as well as people that have lung disease, are very young, or are very old,” said a spokesperson.

According to the company, mold is not very common in the natural environment – modern homes have very stable temperatures and few drafts, creating the perfect environment for mold. The most common cause of mold, says the company, is regular dampness or the presence of standing water. The company says mold forms and spreads gradually, and often gets noticed after it has spread to large areas of a home.

“Having your home inspected for mold, and getting it removed if necessary helps make the air in your home safe and improves overall health, plus you’ll have more confidence about your home’s mold situation once you have it professionally inspected,” added the spokesperson.

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