MSC Group, Inc. announces launch of new premium travel website for hotels in New York City

Added by on January 26, 2012


The MSC Group, Inc. has announced that indeed the launch of a new travel and hotel information website is complete and in fact, the company has urged ardent NYC locals and potential travelers to the city to take full advantage of the most detailed information about hotels and restitutes in the city on the site, while unveiling the website during a colorful ceremony graced by quite a number of sector players in the hotel industry in the city, company CEO Matthew S Crawford observed that aside from the fact that the website was a premium data base for all travelers to view the provisions of hotels and accommodation in the city, it was still one of the easiest platforms through which bookings to the city’s most exclusive properties could be made.

Furthermore, Mr. Crawford noted with utter amazement that it had took so long for many travel companies to come up with such an inclusive approach which would be offered online making it certain that indeed it was accessible globally. The website according to many industry players will be a major unveiling and indeed a major stop for any travelers wishing to get information about New York online. As much as there has been talk of including other cities in this world class approach, the feeling that indeed that is on the pipeline is yet to be abated all be it the company maintains that its prime priority is on NYC at the moment. Reviews from all over the world have pointed to one fact and as CEO Matthew S Crawford observes, the flexibility that this website will accord travelers in a bid to find their hotels will be amazing.

Moving forward the effective capacity of online platforms in booking hotels seems to be on the high and if at all the new website announced by the MSC Group inc. is anything to go by, we are almost certain that indeed there will be a remarkable transformation in the hotels industry in New York. As we speak, there has been over one thousand bookings made on the new website within the first day of its launch and this simply underscores the fact that will be a primary target in the peak tourists summer season approaching in the city.

About company is a premium travel website that has devoted extreme resources in making sure that travels to the city of New York and particularly hotel and accommodation is easy and convenient.

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