Multilingual SEO Company announces SEOcial tactics

Added by on April 15, 2012

The multilingual SEO company, an innovative multilingual Internet marketing firm announces its SEOcial – SEO and social media – campaign tactics that deliver increased sales for its clients.

Golden Way Media, which specializes in global marketing in search engines and social media, says it focuses on increasing their clients’ popularity and engagement through social media websites primarily Facebook, Twitter, Google plus , Digg, Stumbleupon and many more. According to the company their ethical modern search engine optimization (SEO) and social media strategies have brought them a great success in digital marketing. When it comes to search engine optimization, they determine keyword and phrases for clients with high sales potential, said the company.

Golden Way Media offers brand exposure and social engagement services. According to the company, they have been helping many companies in Europe, North America and China generate sales and permanent clients.

“We help companies increase customers over time by applying social media and latest search engine optimization tactics that last long. We have done hours of analyzing right after Google’s new dramatic change in March 2012. While many companies replicate search engine optimization strategies from each other and/or apply some software, we started focusing on completely different strategies,” said Maria Johnsen, the founder of Golden Way Media.

Johnsen continues, “Our in-house tactics provide tremendous results in sales for our existing clients. We determine the sales potential and reinforce our campaigns through social media. This way our clients will be able to generate sales. We do not focus on keyword allocation as these types of strategies give short term results. It is like Google’s PPC Adwords or other paid per click campaigns – as long as you pay for the ad, you stay on top, if the job is done right. Our SEOcial ( SEO and social media ) campaign tactics are a whole different ballgame. Companies are too busy with social media engagement and increasing their ranking on search engines. We made this process simple by helping them to achieve success.

The big mistake which many companies such as small and medium size businesses do is that they look for a quick fix, they pay for a cheap SEO and their keywords get allocated on Google by the so called SEO Company. When clients stop their payments, their keyword gets outranked by their competitor. Sometimes getting top ranked for some keywords do not necessarily bring you traffic or customers. Thus getting top ranking is not always a solution. We at Golden Way Media apply a whole different approach in order to bring you customers.”

Golden Way Media helps clients achieve rapid growth in their company’s sales figures. For more information contact or visit