Multilingual SEO company offers multilingual link building

Added by on November 21, 2011

Golden Way Media

Golden Way Media, the multilingual SEO Company announces powerful multilingual link building services to customers around the world. Golden Way Media is a Norwegian multilingual search engine optimization and media company located in Trondheim.

“We specialize in providing solutions in areas of organic link building, multilingual pay per click, video promotion and optimization services. Every business owner has right to be heard and increase their sales. Search engine optimization is a comprehensive mission. We help businesses in Europe, USA, Canada and certain countries in Asia to increase their online visibility and as a result their sales.

Those who have used our services are aware of the power of our organic link building. We invite the business owners to try our services and see the results”, said Maria Johnsen, CEO and Founder, Golden Way Media.

Golden Way Media offers cost effective solutions for online business owners and major player companies.

According to its founder, Golden Way Media serves many markets including: travel companies, precision casting services, B2B companies, SEO agencies, MLM, fashion and clothing, Mobile and gadget retailers, Dentistry, medicine, Plastic surgery services, flower delivery and educational institutions.

Johnsen continued, “Whatever your requirements may be, Golden Way Media company‚Äôs goal is to provide you with exceptional SEO link building services and great customer service!”

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