Multilingual SEO expert announces powerful SEO audit

Added by on November 13, 2011

Multilingual SEO expert Maria Johnsen announced powerful SEO audit for businesses and companies. According to Johnsen , many companies especially in real estate, travel, ecommerce and online store websites need the right search engine optimization (SEO) audit in order to increase their productivity, increase sales and ROI.

“Performing a SEO audit is crucial for your online business. Many businesses create beautiful websites and they suffer from receiving targeted traffic and cannot make any sales. Some of these websites apply link building but still cannot see the right results. Many do not know that sometimes the problem is their website performance, server speed problem, IP and much more.”, said Johnsen

Johnsen described SEO audit packages are available in two categories: basic SEO audit – up to 35 pages for duration of 35 days, and market leader SEO audit – up to 100 pages for duration of 45 days.

The features of SEO audit include:

  • Complete audit report upon completion
  • Future site strategy (One sheet)
  • Competitive scorecard (Analysis of up to 3 competitors)
  • Back link report
  • Keyword research (Up to 30 terms)
  • Analysis Checklist:
  • 301 redirects
  • Broken links
  • Canonicalization
  • Code to text ratio
  • Crawl errors – complete list
  • Geo-location
  • HTML/CSS code review
  • HTTP status codes – home page
  • HTTP status codes – site wide
  • Image optimization
  • Internal link structure
  • Page content
  • Remote use of .js & CSS
  • Robots.txt configuration
  • IP addresses
  • Site compression configuration
  • Site load time – average
  • Site load time – home page
  • Sitemap.xml configuration
  • Title tag optimization
  • Google Analytic program configuration
  • Duplicate content
  • Home page content
  • Information architecture
  • Link profile
  • Site theme and content
  • Spam/malware
  • Top keyword rankings
  • Top keyword traffic

Johnsen explained companies will receive the reports and Johnsen will fix all issues on all the pages; this requires many hours manual work on each page.

For more information contact or contact Johnsen’s websites: