New BPA-free thermal paper available

Added by on March 24, 2012 is pleased to announce the availability of a new line of BPA-free thermal paper.

“While reports show that BPA, or Bisphenol A, does not pose any risk to health when used in labels, we are offering BPA free thermal paper since BPA has come under scrutiny in other contexts. BPA free thermal paper can be used with peace of mind in the food industry and retail food sector,” said a spokesperson.

Thermal paper is a preferred solution for fast printing needs since thermal paper can be printed at approximately one inch per second – a perfect speed for retail applications, according to studies.

“Our BPA-free thermal paper is priced competitively with the added benefit that its BPA-free status means you can use it in a broad range of applications and make consumers feel more comfortable about their choice of retailers,” added the spokesperson.

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