New Kindle book spills the truth to having a great Buenos Aires experience

Added by on February 23, 2012

Buenos Aires, Argentina – All tourist and travel aficionados know that knowledge about a certain place or destination could spell the difference between an enjoyable and fun filled vacation to a boring and monotonous holiday. If one wants to experience the latter, experts suggest to have a tourist’s thirst for adventure and a local’s know-how. That idea is just what is relived in “The True Insider’s Guide to Buenos Aires 2012”, a new and exciting travel guide book for those who are visiting Buenos Aires as a tourist or even for those who are planning on living there.

“The True Insider’s Guide to Buenos Aires 2012 is written by expats who live and breathe Buenos Aires, who know where to go and where not to go, where the best nightlife is and how to live like a real local and not a tourist. While The True Insider’s Guide To Buenos Aires 2012 covers all the basics you will need to know whether you are visiting Buenos Aires as a tourist for a week or planning on living in Buenos Aires, this guide digs deeper, showing you the ins and outs of this beautiful city,” said Tim Fitzgerald, editor of the newly released travel guide.

Mr. Fitzgerald also added, as he cited things that make this book unique, that The True Insider’s Guide To Buenos Aires 2012 doesn’t just re-hash the same old tourist spots every guide book tells you about; it digs deeper, exploring the city and experiencing it as the locals do. Fitzgerald says it is jam-packed with over 100 pages of insider’s information related to every aspect of living in and visiting Buenos Aires.

The kindle edition of the guide book is packed with all the information you need to know about the Argentinean city including:

  • An in depth and insider’s look at 9 of Buenos Aires’s Neighborhoods complete with shopping, dining and nightlife recommendations for each one.
  • A list 25 of the best Parillas (steakhouses) in Buenos Aires providing you with a range of options.
  • An insider’s look into the secret bars/nightclubs of Buenos Aires.
  • A huge guide into the nightlife of Buenos Aires.
  •  An extensive guide to Tango that features the best places to see a Tango show, the best Milongas (a Milongas is a Tango party or a bar/club devoted to dancing tango) in town and the best places to take Tango Lesson’s.
  • A review over 25 different of the best hotels and hostels in Buenos Aires covering all price ranges.
  • An insider’s guide to shopping in Buenos Aires; and so much more

The Kindle edition is now available at the Amazon Kindle store

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