New mini wireless streamlines technology, theater and presentations in the palm of a hand

Added by on March 14, 2012

HONG KONG – Streamlined business presentations and control of virtually all work and home technology is easy with the recent release of two new, affordable, advanced models of EFO Mini Wireless controls.

The sleek wireless keyboard and remote controls, that are smaller than the palm of a hand, are sold by EFO Gadget Shop. They can be found on the web at

Each mini wireless combines a keyboard, mouse, touchpad and remote all in small, sleek package. Small, lightweight and portable, but powerful enough to control a host of technology at the push of a button, including multi-media home theaters, PCs, televisions, DVD players, and other gaming devices, and even home electric appliances.

The wireless controls are accurate and responsive, but also advanced in that they also offer “IR learning.” That allows the control to quickly learn the original remotes code from other home electric appliances.

The handheld “one wireless in three” controls sell for $40 U.S. dollars each, more than half the price of other wireless devices that do not provide as wide ranging control.

The first model is the EFO Mini Wireless Keyboard-Mouse-Touchpad with two times learning IR remote control. This control has two channels which give it the ability to learn two different appliances at once. The control can be found at the link :

A video demonstration of this model can be viewed at :

The second model is the EFO Air mouse Mini Wireless Keyboard with two times learning IR remote control. This air control can be found at link :

A video demonstration can be viewed at :

Both devices are capable of connecting with Windows, Macintosh, Android/Google OS and Linux to control devices used in training, teaching, presentations and lectures. The wireless controls also remotely operate multi-media home theaters and sync with Google/Android/Linux, and televisions, Macintosh computers, PCs, HTPC and IPTV.

“People can sit in their easy chair or sofa, or even in bed, and enjoy movies, music and surf the Internet,” said Alex Lam, Site Owner. “there is no getting up or searching for the right control to start or change the channel physically”, added Lam.

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