New website launched to teach photo amateurs the skills to become photography ninjas

Added by on March 30, 2012

A new website has just been launched that aims to become the leading online portal for all things photography-related. iPhotoCourse offers many benefits for both photography hobbyists and students. While the former will be able to fine-tune their craft, students will have the opportunity to accelerate their learning.

iPhotoCourse not only gives access to its many photography tutorials, but also offers a free photography courses and tips. And for those who want up-to-date information on digital cameras and photography accessories, they’ll be able to find many latest reviews that offer a unique perspective beyond the usual specification sheet analysis.

One of the website’s top-guns said “iPhotoCourse contains unique and useful photography tips and Adobe Photoshop tutorials on improving photographs and post-processing skills”. iPhotoCourse invites professional photographers and visual artists to share their secrets in using Adobe Photoshop.

If photography tutorials, courses, tips, and Photoshop building-skills aren’t enough, the website injects the word “fun” to spice up its appeal. In other words, members will be able to participate in photo challenges and promotions. Representatives for the website say iPhotoCourse specifically “offers monthly photo challenges and free photographer promotions through guest interviews and postings” via their Flickr channel.

Finally, the website is keen on the importance of e-commerce and provides the readers a simple way to purchase cheap digital cameras online. iPhotocourse has facilitated a buying environment whereby members and visitors will be able to discover bargains while shopping for digital cameras and accessories while reading reviews pertaining to their purchases.

For more information on iPhotoCourse or to get started on photography tutorials, courses, tips, and more, you can visit its website,