announces special for 140 lessons

Added by on October 20, 2011

New Age piano fans can now learn how to play their favorite style of music and the online piano lessons site is offering a special where prospective students can get over 140 New Age piano lessons for $19.

The site, owned and operated by pianist/composer Edward Weiss teaches a style of piano playing known as ‘New Age.’ The New Age style has been around since the early 1980’s and has recently seen a resurgence in popularity.

Asked why this may be so, Weiss responds, 
“I think people have always used music as a stress reducer. The style of piano playing I teach allows the beginning student to use a few chords to play what they feel right away. It’s a very therapeutic approach that offers much in the way of relaxation, but also creativity.”

Classical piano lessons have always been the style of choice for most people. Bach, Beethoven, and Mozart have left us much beautiful music, but Weiss believes it’s much better if students can create on their own.

Weiss says, 
“So many students have taken classical piano lessons and have left disappointed. I think that’s because there’s not much in the way of creative expression here. Plus, it can take years and years to even be able to play something well. My approach bypasses all that and give students the ability to just sit down and be at the piano.”

The special offer Weiss is currently running can be found at