ODigMa announces 8 million Facebook fans

Added by on December 18, 2011

ODigMa is pleased to announce it has created more than 8 million fans for it’s clients in just over a year.

Commenting on the occasion, Advit Sahdev, CEO & Co-Founder, Odigma, said “In today’s social media space, one to one engagements and personal touch should be used to create Life Time Value a critical factor for every customer, which if missed, then one should rather not do social media and just focus on paid advertising. Social media is successful only if you follow the rules of an offline business.”

Adding further he said “A short term focused business would just care about the money it has made from one transaction, and try to get the maximum profit from that. He would not create ‘Life time value.’ In simple terms, every community member has a value at any given point in time and it goes up and down based on interactions in the community. The higher the value, more are the chances of the community member actually transacting with the brand.”

Sahdev explained, “Facebook is usually the platform that most people are willing to spend their media dollars on. It is important to note that Facebook has gone beyond just pages and applications. The media and ad industries are coming to appreciate how Facebook advertising can help to reach targeted audiences based on demographic and geographic data. Of course, activities and content have to be engaging enough to keep the heart.”

Great work is done when passion is the driver, said Sahdev. This certainly seems to be the key driver for OdigMa.com according to its CEO, Advit Sahdev who is considered by many as an expert in PPC Advertising and Social media marketing.

ODigMa works with brands of all sizes and provides performance and metric driven marketing to it clients.