Palm Beach dentist offers quality care with a smile to new patients

Added by on March 24, 2012

A Canadian traveler was worried that her Florida visit would be hampered by a tooth ache that she had unnoticed. However, when she visited the caring staff of Dr. Andrew Rudnick she was instantly comforted and able to complete her trip with a warm smile:

“I was on vacation in Palm Beach and had a dental emergency. The office and staff of Dr. Rudnick were very knowledgeable and did a great job,” said Margaret Smith.

Dr. Rudnick’s office is located just west of North Palm Beach, a tourist hotspot for Americans and international travelers alike. Dr. Rudnick said new patients shouldn’t have any fears about going to the dentist as he said, “Dentistry has come a long way. Some people still think of the drills and bad tasting formulas, but there are so many advances that we have made in dentistry that people shouldn’t be scared at all.”

Dr. Rudnick works with a variety of people, cases, and children with a trained staff that truly cares about each patient that comes through the door. Dr. Rudnick says he believes family dentistry begins with good healthy habits that start at home. For this reason, his office provides a comfortable and inviting environment that makes one feel right at home. He said what sets his office apart from others is the quality of care:

“I feel that our commitment to service, patient care and education make us better than our local competition,” Dr. Rudnick said. Dr. Rudnick’s dental office has a wide array of services including:

Braces for cosmetic purposes with new Invisalign technology
Cosmetic Dentistry that includes veneers, whitening, and dental implants for a brighter smile
Oral Cancer Screening as well as oral surgery and orthodontic care
Dentures, and One Day Crowns
Laser Gum Surgery

Dr. Rudnick says these are just a few of his dental services that help patients improve their oral hygiene and health. He says he recognizes that many people are hesitant and squeamish about visiting the dentist. However, new patients shouldn’t be shy about going to the dentist because it delays healthy habits:
“Avoiding the dentist is only putting off a health problem that requires immediate attention,” he said. “If someone is feeling discomfort that means the nerves in their mouth and gums are telling them that there is a serious problem with their teeth and that they need a checkup.”

One of those patients was Bethany. After avoiding the dentist for many years she developed a sore mouth and asked her friends where to get treatment. After being referred to Dr. Rudnick and receiving a full checkup, she took advantage of improving her oral health with a much-needed root canal, cosmetic implants and porcelain crowns.

“I’m not afraid to smile anymore, or go to the dentist; and I’ve actually been able to pursue some modeling,” she said. “He’s the most caring dentist that I’ve ever worked with and I highly recommend Dr. Rudnick to everyone.”

Dr. Rudnick says Bethany’s story is a testament to approaching routine checkups and following good oral hygiene in a new manner:

“I can’t stress enough how patients need to follow good hygiene to keep a bright white smile. Such healthy habits prevent future toothaches and problems down the road,” he said.

Palm Beach Dentist Easy to Find Online

Patients have no excuse not to make an appointment at the Palm Beach dentist as their website offers a private online appointment request. Patients can expect a quick call back and email to let them know that their desired time is available or offer close appointment time alternatives. The dental office is also easy to locate with Google Map directions that can be forwarded to one’s email or sent via text.

Dr. Rudnick is known to have a gentle touch with those most sensitive about their oral care. One of those more sensitive patients was astounded to find how Dr. Rudnick was so talented and knowledgeable about dentistry:

“[He is] an excellent dentist who is also compassionate and understanding of his patients. The same can be said of his dental assistants. They do excellent work and help you overcome your anxieties with their
kindness. I am 80 years old and have never been to a better dental office.”

With such quality care, how could one keep putting of their dental care? Dr. Rudnick says people shouldn’t be afraid to go to the dentist. Rather, they need to show their confidence with their smile. That is why he also offers cosmetic solutions to help people feel good about their smile again. One of those patients who realized the true benefits of true dental care was Rick who said, “Dr. Rudnick assured me that porcelain veneers would help my smile. I thank Dr. Rudnick for giving me a reason to smile.”

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