Palms of Persuasion – sequel to Whispering Palms – released

Added by on April 14, 2012

Palms of Persuasion

Mystery/romance author, R.S. Charles, once again weaves his web of intrigue and suspense, laced with a liberal sprinkling of persuasive passion, in the April 2012 launch of “Palms of Persuasion”, the sequel to his first novel in the “Whispering Palms” series.

The raging storm has all but passed, and there have been casualties. Life on the secluded paradise isle must go on and everyone desperately seeks to regain some sort of normality. But just when readers think the turbulence has taken its last breath, “Palms of Persuasion” triggers off a story of funerals and fancy, betrayal and retribution, with the palm trees whispering louder than ever in the lazy tropical breeze. While the English aristocrats and their wealthy bohemian neighbors strive to live side by side in precarious harmony, the author explores how their privileged, glamorous lifestyle may be threatened by the unexpected arrival of shipwrecked visitors who proceed to indulge themselves in the open opulence and raunchy romance the island has to offer.

Early reviewers say R.S.Charles has once again penned themes of love, lust, duplicity, blackmail and betrayal as unconventional, illicit affairs loiter in every branch of “Palms of Persuasion”. Duplicitous friendships and clandestine encounters seem the only option for those who have the most to lose. A reviewer asked, “Will the characters involved allow their hearts or their heads to rule their destiny as a scandal of riddles from the past not only threatens personal and financial embarrassment, but utter ruin?”

“Palms of Persuasion” has barely been released and favorable pre-publication reviewers are already suggesting the ‘Palms’ series should be made into a film or television mini-series. Acknowledged as a page turner, the novel seems destined to immerse readers in unpredictable mystery and romance right up until the last page.

“Palms of Persuasion” by RS Charles can be purchased on Amazon Kindle (link to US store:– ) and in paperback.