Piano teacher releases free report: ‘The Only Piano Book You’ll Ever Need’

Added by on October 22, 2011

Online piano teacher Edward Weiss announces a newly released, free report titled, ‘The Only Piano Book You’ll Ever Need.’ The report goes into detail about the book ‘New Age Piano Made Easy’ and explains something called the open position chord and chord charts for easy piano playing.

The creator of the report, pianist-composer Edward Weiss said,”I spent a lot of time at libraries and online searching for books to help me create my own music. After much searching and not a lot of finding, I synthesized everything I knew and came up with a workbook that helps students create their own music at the piano using both hands right away.”

Asked whether his method can replace classical training, Mr. Weiss responded,”Of course not. Classical training helps with technique and this can only help students as they learn to loosen their grip on note reading and focus in on self-expression – an area many want to explore but are fearful of doing. This report contains some valuable advice to address these issues.”

The report ‘The Only Piano Book You’ll Ever Need’ is available for free at http://www.quiescencemusic.com/newagepianobook.pdf