Political Advertising Manual in stores

Added by on March 30, 2012

Political Advertising Manual, a book written by Kambiz Mostofizadeh and published by Mikazuki Publishing House, is a handbook for political campaigning.

Based on Kambiz’s experiences in running for city council and as a political consultant, the Political Advertising Manual teaches the techniques for creating political direct mail, gathering support from voters using email, methods for canvassing, building a campaign organization, and much more.

With over 50,000 elections being held every seven years in the United States, the political campaign industry has been a burgeoning one and has felt little ill economic effects that have been experienced in other sectors of the economy.

Author Kambiz Mostofizadeh said “I wrote this book as manual or guide for political campaign managers, political staffers, political action committees, political directors, and political candidates.”

Also within the Political Advertising Manual, there are methods for using earned media to generate political awareness for issues or candidates and a chapter on political organizing.

For more information, go to www.PoliticalAdvertisingManual.com