Qigong Made Easy Promotes the benefits of the practice with free e-book on Amazon Kindle

Added by on February 18, 2012

Kindle lovers now can borrow the book called: What Is Qigong –The Unspoken Secrets To Regain Your Health And Be Fit And Full Of Energy In Just 14 Days by Elizabeth Hovirag

Qigong Made Easy, a leader in alternative health and wellness, recently announced making the book available for borrowing on Kindle to showcase the myriad benefits of the Qigong to adults who are interested in non-religious meditation or who may wish to start qigong, yoga or tai chi chuan training.

Coming off of successful courses in London, Elizabeth Hovirag has decided to make the What Is Qigong book available for kindle readers so that people can get an idea of what qigong is, especially the benefits qigong exercises bring to their lives. Rave reviews have been pouring in from those who have taken courses from Elizabeth and bought her course online.

Course participant Zuzanna Jochmann stated “I went from sleeping six hours a day to sleeping four and e.g. yesterday I went to my part time job, then to meet Nick, then to Royal Opera House and then to work in the hotel – so imagine 20 hours up an hour and I still had energy in the morning when I got home. Me & Nick are both doing Qigong – wow only in two days of exercise I have noticed about 70% increase in energy levels, literary I feel like I am flying”

Fellow Qigong practitioner Justin Teoh says “The great thing about the course is that you not only learn how to release negative energy from your system, you also undergo an amazing process in which you get in touch with your spiritual being.”

Elisabeth has also included a powerful qigong posture with which everybody can improve their health and vitality. It just takes a couple of minutes to do every day and brings in great results within the first two weeks of practice – this is from where the subtitle comes from.

Qigong is a series of physical and mental exercises aimed at stimulating the vital energy (Qi) of the human body, helping to strengthen immunity to disease, adaptability to the external rapid-changing environment and the ability to repair internal damage, so people can enjoy life and have more awareness of their bodies.

“In a nutshell,” Elizabeth said, “Qigong is an exercise that makes it possible for every human being to exert their innate mental and physical capabilities to the fullest possible extent and to maintain good health.”

To download the book visit: Amazon.com Kindle Store