Rap Artist Tito 6 releases mix-tape The Best of TITO 6

Added by on May 8, 2012

Well-known Hip Hop and Rap Artist Troy Garland, also known as Tito 6, announces the release “Best Of TITO 6 Mixtape Hosted By Shadyville DJ JC Flores”, currently ranked number one and climbing fast on Reverbnation.com, and in music stores on May 22nd 2012.

“The rise to music greatness takes talent and hard work, and no one knows this more than rap artist Troy Garland – or Tito 6. While some may think he is an overnight success, nothing could be further from the truth as he has applied himself to his music with consistent effort for nearly a decade. Over the last 10 years he has grown in maturity and stature, as he has had to struggle through many of life’s trials and tribulations. His first music may have expressed anger and disillusionment, a product of the hard knocks of street life, but has increasingly grown over time to a position that life is much better when one takes responsibility for their actions, and is rewarding when you give and receive love,” said a spokesperson.

A recent post on Facebook reflects his heartfelt philosophy regarding the human condition; “sexy ******* come, and go but a good women will pray on judgment day to have mercy on ya’ ignorance, and to give you a chance to genuinely love her.”

According to the spokesperson, the rapper is known as one of the most infamous underground artist of all time, and well respected for his story telling scheme in his raps. Reviewers say his music is genuine, and honest, and as a result is able to attract a growing and loyal base of music lovers, plus he will earn listeners’ respect.

“The new mix-tape is titled, ‘The Best Of TITO 6 Hosted By Shadyville DJ JC Flores”, and features artists such as Rocafella-Rocnation, Memphis Bleek, Philadelphia Freeway, State Property,Past Shady Records Artist Stat Quo, The Late Proof Of Eminems, Dirty Dozen Rap Group D’12, along with Flint Michigan natives the Dayton Family, and the late MC Breed.

“Also, anticipated this fall is a new album with all new material entitled, ‘King Of The Great lakes, vol.2’ so be sure to keep abreast of future release announcements.

“The mix-tape ‘The Best of TITO 6’ will be released May 22nd in all stores where music is sold, on Itunes, and CDBABY. Please be sure to preorder your copy today online, and to stay tuned at www.tito6.com or twitter at tito6sosay. As Tito 6 loves to say, ‘Roll Wit The Winners’, and you be sure to roll with him as he makes music history,” added the spokesperson.

Find out more by contacting SoSay International at https://twitter.com/#!/tito6sosay or  http://www.facebook.com/kingofthegreatlakes