US real estate major-players join forces to teach Canadians how to buy property south of the border

Added by on January 26, 2012

It’s been announced today that Steve Martel and the Jaymor Management Group, both dominant forces in the U.S. Real Estate Market, are to form a new partnership.

The collaboration will see a myriad of new products offered to Canadian investors and those looking to purchase retirement property in the United States

Steve Martel is widely regarded as Canada’s top mentor and guru in the field of U.S. Real Estate . He has been a key figure in the Canadian market, as well as an active U.S. Real Estate Investor for over half a decade.

With over twenty years of experience and 3000 doors in the USA and Canada, Jaymor Management Group will bring an eclectic mix of property management and area development skills to the partnership.

Due to the recent economic downturn, the developments of many new communities in the United States were halted without reaching their full potential. Both Martel and Jaymor Management Group have found an opportunity to step in and organize investors to prepare these properties for completion ñ meeting standards that were originally intended.

Fort Piece in St-Lucia County, USA will be the site of their first venture. Aside from the town’s attractive location – less than 10 miles from the Atlantic Coastline – the area has been the subject of major improvements following the construction of a local retirement home.

These properties present an attractive opportunity, with buyers able to choose a property and customize it to their liking. They’ll also be able to choose their own goals ñ selecting a property for residential use, or with a tenant in place for management as a normal rental income property.

As Steve Martel explains, the investment is extremely versatile:

“This is the beauty of this type of development – buyers can choose what they want to do with the unit” Martel explains. He continues, “Buyers can even participate in our group of properties, reducing expenses for management and diversifying their risk. This allows them to get the same benefits that apartment building owners get, without the large initial financial outlay”.

The Martel Group will educate all new owners with the aim of creating a group of Canadian owners who can collectively decide the direction they want their community to evolve in, while suggesting ideas for improvement and generally becoming smart real estate owners.

The opportunity is available right now. For more information, visit:

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Rated as one of North America’s top sales agents, author, sought-after speaker, real estate coach and mentor, entrepreneur and owner of four multimillion dollar businesses and creator of Canada’s #1 Real Estate Investment program in its field, The U.S. TakeOver Real Estate Systems, Steve Martel brings more than a decade of extensive experience in real estate sales, acquisitions, investments, and asset management.