Reel Effect provides motion graphics

Added by on January 7, 2013

Reel Effect, a UK web video production company, announces it has added a new motion graphics video to their video marketing portfolio.

“Viewers expect videos that offer an engaging and compelling experience. Reel Effect is at the forefront of motion graphics and video marketing because it uses the latest and emerging technologies to produce motion graphics with engaging visual effects and professional production quality,” said a company spokesperson.

According to Reel Effect, 85% of internet users are likely to buy a product after watching a short video. It is reported, in the past month, 65% of internet users willingly viewed a video advertisement.

A recent study by ComScore reported US internet users watched more than 37 billion videos online in one month; 86% of US internet users viewed a video online within one month. The study said the average duration of an online video is 6.1 minutes.

“Videos are not only a great way to showcase products and services, they are also a great way to inform and educate your clients – or potential clients – using an engaging format that’s easy to share. The big push has been in mobile and many internet users say watching a video is more convenient and useful than reading web pages on their mobile devices like iPhone, iPad, BlackBerry, and Android devices,” added the spokesperson.

The spokesperson explained videos make products and services more real because, internet users said, they can see every detail of a product or quickly understand the benefits of a service. Videos with voice-over versus videos without voice-over saw roughly the same performance in terms of users’ engagement, indicating the video and professional production is key, said the spokesperson.

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